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Cinnamon pen - A latte art pen, is a breakout search over the past week Latte perfume - Searches for “latte perfume” rose +2,500% Latte art - Latte art reached an all time high in January 2024
Google 1. 4K Resolution - 4K has a resolution of 3840x2160. That’s a lot more pixels in the overall image — totaling over 8 million pixels. 2. Soda Can Tabs - When someone gives you a can tab, it means they have a crush on you. 3. Gucci Horsebit Leather Slippers - only $730!
Etsy 1. Personalized items . 2. Embroidery Kits . 3. Nature
Pinterest Trends: Bored Panda - Bored Panda is a Lithuanian website that publishes articles about “entertaining and amusing news”. Anime Wallpaper - I believe this to be digital wallpaper and not actual paper on your wall? but what do I know! Homehacks - Anything from how to clean to organizing your home